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Andrews, Lucia Wealth Management LLC (ALWM), a Registered Investment Advisor firm, was established in San Mateo, California in 2004.  Bob Lucia, a Certified Public Accountant, recognized that many of his existing clients were lookingALWM - Group - 2016 for additional advice and investment services. Clients were seeking a more integrated wealth management solution in order to build robust, sensible financial portfolios.

After extensive exploration to find a core investment strategy that would make sense, Bob became committed to an evidence-based approach using quality financial vehicles and based on a Nobel Prize-winning strategy1 to meet long-term investment objectives. The objective, however, was not simply to find a strategy and a means to implement it, but also to help investors articulate their individual financial goals and help them implement and maintain an investment strategy to meet those goals.

To fill these vital roles, Andrews, Lucia Wealth Management LLC was established. We serve as a Registered Investment Advisor firm to individuals, businesses, trusts, partnerships, not-for-profit organizations and retirement plans.


ALWM - Charlie Working - 2016Today, we are proud to have a growing presence in the Bay Area with two locations, and remain committed to helping clients manage and meet their financial objectives.




1. The concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory was awarded the 1990 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with one third each, to Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller and William Sharpe.

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