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BAM Advisor Services (BAM)

BAM Advisor Services


BAM is a service provider to independent registered investment advisor firms. BAM provides a comprehensive array of services directly to investment advisors. These include back office services such as quarterly reporting, serving as a liaison between advisors and broker/dealer custodians, marketing materials, business templates, etc. BAM offers extensive training and consulting services to help its investment advisor clients learn about evidence-based investing, fixed income markets, providing valuable investment advisor services to their firm’s clients, improving presentation skills and meeting compliance requirements. Clients also receive portfolio analysis services, research insights, and practice development assistance. BAM clients are given the opportunity to access institutional mutual funds, fixed income securities directly from wholesale brokers, and cost effective platforms for retirement plan servicing, broker/dealer and custodial services and compliance assistance. The independent investment advisors have sole responsibility for determining the securities they choose to recommend to their clients, the strategy or strategies they will follow for their clients, their own fee schedules and making independent investment decisions on behalf of their clients. BAM works with its investment advisor clients in a consultative role to assist them in fulfilling those responsibilities.

Larry Swedroe is a Principal and the Director of research of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services. BAM Advisor Services is our strategic partner. Through that relationship Larry provides us with direct access to academic research and how to best apply that research so that we can tailor investment strategies that provide investors with the greatest opportunity of achieving their financial goals given their unique ability, willingness and need to take risk. Larry’s opinions are his own and may or may not accurately reflect those of Andrews, Lucia Wealth Management.

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