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Learning How to Deal With the Haters

New York Times

We all like to act as if we’re immune to the vitriol of haters. It’s almost cool to pretend that it doesn’t affect us, like we’re all bulletproof and have some kind of armor against it. And while that might be a helpful coping mechanism, it’s not really true for most of us. The truth…

No Shortcuts in Evaluating Your Investment Risk

New York Times

Early in my career, I worked for a big brokerage firm. Back then, I made a habit of seeking out the veteran stockbrokers and quizzing them about their careers. One day, I had a pretty extensive conversation about risk with one of those grizzled Wall Street guys. I’ll never forget it. “Let’s assume you’re moving…

Saying No, So You Can Say Yes When It Matters

New York Times

I have a problem: It’s really hard for me to say no to new, exciting projects. If you’re doing creative work at all (and I’m using this term very broadly, so that should mean just about everybody), then you’ve probably run into this problem yourself. There are endless options for how you could spend your…

When Financial Talk Turns Personal

New York Times

Recently, my family needed a new vehicle. I’ve always wanted a truck, and I knew we would get tons of use out of it. Could I have found a cheaper vehicle? Sure. But I knew we could afford the truck, so after lots of careful thought, we decided to buy it. Anytime I make a…

Putting a Price on Fun

New York Times

A few years ago, my wife and I considered buying a boat. We both grew up water-skiing on the lakes here in Utah, and some of my best memories involve being on the water. I was talking about this with my friend Eric, because he has a boat, and he introduced me to his “cost…

When an Expense Becomes a Wise Investment Choice

New York Times

Ask someone how they invest, and you’ll probably get a pretty standard answer involving stocks, bonds and maybe some real estate or cash. But rarely will people mention something that is even more important: their investments in human capital. They don’t talk about it because human capital investments can look a lot like any other…

Getting Comfortable With Change

New York Times

Some of us really like the status quo. Even when we have a better alternative, many of us are content to keep on doing what we’re doing. I think about this every time my wife and I swap cars. Depending on who is running what errands that day, we’ll switch between our big car and…

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